If you want to cut more than metal, but still need a chop saw capable to handle heavy-duty applications, the Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 is the best choice for the money. Used to make repeated fast, straight cuts, they're capable of handling a wide range of materials and processing large volumes. Husqvarna 967181002 K760 Gas Cut-Off Saw. Corded Portable Concrete Saw No liquid fuels or lubricants are needed No liquid fuels or lubricants are needed for this 12 in. Ok guys, I get it dont use this saw even if I can get a masonary disk for it. STIHL cut-off machines are number one worldwide and they deliver superior power and convenient controls. To learn more about how we make money, visit our. Masonry Saw with Vacuum for Dustless Dry Cutting, What’s the Difference between a Masonry Saw and a Tile…, Copyright © 2019 SIMA, SA All Rights Reserved - VAT ID: ES A18024919, Cookies help us deliver a better experience. Traditionally, chop saws were characterized by big, 14-inch blades and could only perform straight 90° angle cuts, whereas miter saws came with smaller 10-12 inches blades and were designed for miter cuts (hence their name). A chop saw won’t disappoint and in this review, you’ll find the best chop saws on the market. Compound miter saw heads, which can turn from side to side, are designed to make angled and beveled cuts. GIVE A CONCRETE SLAB A PROFESSIONAL FINISH WITH A POWER TROWEL. free shipping. 2016 belle ms501 masonry brick saw. "Once you are satisfied and leave feedback, i will of course do likewise" SHOULD YOU CUT SLATE TILE WITH A CIRCULAR SAW OR WET SAW? Log-In. This is especially related to the type of surface or material to be worked on. Available to hire from GAP Metal Chop Saws Mitre Saws Reciprocating Saws Table Saws Tile Saws ... Altrad Belle MS500 500mm Table Masonry Saw 110v 202.5Kg. JTH02100. Filter (0) Sort by. Rated 5 out of 5 by Concerned789 from Job done! How to saw porcelain tile with a circular saw, How to Cut Breeze Blocks with a Masonry Saw. The iQ360 is a 14-inch masonry chop saw with a fully-integrated dust collection on a singular power source. We also like that it has an adjustable spark guard. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P, Road Saw 24" Lombardini Diesel 16Hp COBRA 60, Floor Saw 16" Honda-Petrol-13Hp COBRA 40 MK, Stirrup Device DEL-32,36, Combi 25/32,Combi 30/36, Diamond Blade Wet Cut-Marble Premium 12"/ 300mm, Water Pump for SIMA Block-Brick-Masonry Saws 220V, Switch Single Phase 220V 50HZ Perla 230-250, Cordeless Rebar Cutter 16mm Elect. Cutting slate tile with a circular saw and diamond blade. We also like the adjustable guide plate that allows for convenient miter cuts at up to 45-degree angles. 415V 2,2Kw DEL-32, Power Trowel 36" Honda Petrol 5,5Hp HALCON 95, Floor Saw 18" Honda Petrol CYC 13Hp COBRA 45, Benders-32mm+Shears 25mm Elect.415V 2.2Kw COMBI 25/32, Tile Saw Ø 8" 230V Elect. Masonry saws for sale The DAKAR Mekano masonry saw embodies the perfect balance between quality and price in the world of masonry table saws. Masonry Chop Saw Disc DBD140109A01C Just like our best-in-class, it is compatible with cold-cut blade types; it produces clean cuts and no sparks. MAGNUM 700, Rebar Cutter 16mm Elect. This concrete chop saw can cut through metal and rebar easily. Visit The Home Depot to buy Diablo 14 in. Perfect for cutting openings in brick on site. Featuring a premium aluminum oxide blend, these discs cut through material faster than other cut-off discs and offer an extra-long cutting life. £8.00. Excellent condition. MX-5 Electric Masonry Saw allows for cutting material up to 23 Inches. Ending Friday at 7:32PM GMT 1d 11h. 6715 Husqvarna Masonry Saw MS 610 Electric. A chop saw works with the use of a circular blade, perpendicular to the table which drops down to cut your material at a 90-degree angle, giving you a precise square cut. Like our top picks, this chop saw can make 45° miter cuts and features a quick-lock vise designed to hold the material securely while cutting. £73.15. VENUS Polypanel 1250mm, Diamond Blade Dry Cut-Marble Electro Premium 4,5"/115mm, Set of 4 Float Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 120-125, Handles Set (4 Pieces) for SIMA Mekano Masonry Saws, Diamond Blade Wet Cut-Hard Concrete-Premium 12"/300mm, 20L Water Tank for SIMA Mekano Floor-Road Saws, Floating Disc for Power Trowels Halcon 60-65, Roller supply feed for Venus 125 Polypanel, Stirrup Device DEL-45,DEL-52, Combi 36/52, Set of 4 Float Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 90, Support Guides+Fixing Brackets for SIMA Bridge Saws, Diamond Blade Wet Cut -Green Concrete- Premium 12"/300mm, Transport Wheel Set for SIMA Mekano Masonry Saws, Diamond Blade Dry Cut-Finishing 4,5"/115mm, GIVE A CONCRETE SLAB A PROFESSIONAL FINISH WITH A, tile with a circular saw and diamond blade. Electric Masonry Saw Bench 350mm. In this case, what concerns us is discovering what a masonry chop saw is and what it is for. Leaving freshly cut metal pieces cool to the touch, easy to handle, and highly performing, this is undoubtedly the best chop saw for heavy-duty applications. Perform your concrete and masonry work with the best equipment available. Chop saws cut from top to bottom through materials using a large, round blade. Looking at the iQ Power Tools Dry-Cut Masonry Saw, you see a portable masonry cutting machine. Cold cut chop saws vary in size from mini chop saws equipped with 7.25-inch blades to regular size tools equipped with 12-inch blades. HOW TO SAW PORCELAIN TILE WITH A CIRCULAR SAW, HOW TO SHARPEN DIAMOND BLADES FOR STONE CUTTING. Metal Chop Saws Mitre Saws Reciprocating Saws Table Saws Tile Saws ... Altrad Belle MS500 500mm Table Masonry Saw 110v 202.5Kg. 14"x7/64"x1" Masonry Chop saw Diablo premium metal cut-off discs provide superior performance and increased productivity. Cut Off Saws available to hire from GAP are the most reliable and cost efficient machines for cutting through a range of tough materials such as masonry or metal. Cutting rafters, studs, joists, trusses, metalworking. © 2020 Sympathink.com - All Rights Reserved. FROM £103.25 per week. £139.14. Manufacturer of Masonry saw - Masonry Chop Saw offered by Insight Group, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Concrete & Masonry Saws. $2,199.00 . Masonry, tile, and concrete saws are used by contractors and road crews to cut brick, tile, concrete, and stone. Look for the "Q" for iQ Quality. This heavy-duty chop saw is perfect for a variety of applications, from metal to masonry cutting. Like we already mentioned, chop saws can have either abrasive or cold cut (typically tungsten-carbide-tipped) blades: A few other essential features can make or break the deal, especially if you plan to use the tool for high-volume applications. Cut inside or outside Weighs 65 lbs. Recommended Daily Usage. Perlanato 700 mm, Stirrup Bender 16mm Elect. This is perhaps the most important point, because defining what a masonry chop saw is for will let you know what kind of use you can give it in your workshop or workspace.This kind of saw can be used to perform a large number of jobs, either professionally, in the workshop or for DIY tasks and that is due to its enormous versatility.It is possible to cut marble, ceramic or even walls with a masonry chop saw. The iQ360 is a 14-in. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MASONRY SAW AND A TILE SAW. Veneer. 415V 2,2Kw CAT 202, Diamond Blade Dry Cut-Abrasive 9,0"/230mm, Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. Miter and chop saws are just two of the many types of circular saws. Despite the saw's overwhelming power and cutting capacity, it is nevertheless one of the lightest in its class—weighing only 75 lbs. Lightweight and portable, the mason can work on scaffolding, roofs, or even inside. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - (10) Air Pre Filter Cleaner Kit Fits Stihl TS400 Concrete Brick Masonry Chop Saw. When fitted with a blade designed for dry masonry cutting, the saw can be used on concrete pavers the same way it is used on wood. TARGET 14 GAS MODEL MASONRY PORTASAW. Used this to cut cat flap hole in brick wall having bought the Bosch Reciprocating saw as well. This saw cuts brick, stone, pavers, and block on the jobsite while maintaining a safe and dust-free work environment. iQ360 Masonry Chop Saw. Stone. Vitrex 10343000V Power Pro 650 Tile Saw 180mm 240 Volt, W, 240 V, Multi, 52 x 17.5 x 40.5 cm Norton Clipper CM501 500mm Masonry Saw 110v 165Kg. Due to the similar design of the two, many people wrongfully believe that a miter saw and a chop saw are different names of the same tool. This tool is often employed in construction or home renovation projects, and it is commonly used for cutting reinforcing bars, wood with metal in it, pipes, paving slabs, and other hard materials. The IQ 360 is a versatile lightweight, dry, masonry saw. Operated and used according to the manual, the IQ 360 will provide years of dependable service. There are no tougher jobs than those on construction sites and demolition operations. 8 hours maximum daily usage (5) Close. Log-In. $119.97$119.97. Inventors of the first masonry saw 80 years ago, Norton Clipper today offers a full range of machines with blade diameters of 350mm up to 1000mm. A masonry saw is an absolute necessity when a job requires professional cutting of brick, concrete, tile, marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone or stone-like materials or products. Less expensive chop saw utilizes an abrasive blade to cut through most metals and other materials. A chop saw is an aggressive type of circular saw designed for industrial-grade applications. x 7/64 in. WHICH BLADE TO CUT CERAMIC, PORCELAIN OR GLASS TILE? Due to the large 14" blade and potent 3 HP carbon-brush motor the unit can effectively cut blocks up to 5" thick in a single pass. IQ360 Chop Saw IQ Power Tools Moreno Valley, Calif. Ok guys, I get it dont use this saw even if I can get a masonary disk for it. Cut Dry With No Dust. However, we rarely make a point of specifying what these elements are in essence and what they are for. Evolution 14" Chop Saw S355 CPSL Ideal For: General Purpose Metals, Wood and Masonry - Lightweight stamped steel base - Quick release vice with 0° - 45° miter capacity - Chip deflector - Head lockdown pin & carry handle - Ambidextrous trigger - Attachable v-shape block included - Easy blade change - … 1188975 Imer MS 350 Smart 14" Masonry Saw. Free shipping. I think the reason it is mainly no good is the speed, as I have a 9" grinder and this goes at 6000rpm plus whereas this chopsaw goes at 3000rpm and stone cutting blades normally want about 6000rpm, if I remember right. There are two types of chop saws to consider. Likewise, materials like metal can also be cut using a masonry saw, although it does require specialty blades. I think the reason it is mainly no good is the speed, as I have a 9" grinder and this goes at 6000rpm plus whereas this chopsaw goes at 3000rpm and stone cutting blades normally want about 6000rpm, if I remember right. The IQ360 is the world’s first masonry chop saw with a fully integrated dust collection system. Watch. The saws use some sort of table and diamond blade to cut through material. Just know that it utilizes an abrasive blade that doesn’t produce very smooth results. We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products at great low prices This 14" saw's cutting depth is up to 5". Brick. A sliding table lets you move blocks and material toward the fixed 16.5-inch blade. 0 bids. Metabo HPT Masonry Saw, Dry Cut, 4" Diamond Blade, 11.6-Amp Motor, 1-3/8" Max Cutting Depth, Cuts Pavers, Concrete, Tile & More (CM4SB2) by Metabo HPT. Depending on the application, you might also want to consider the following: Chop saws can be divided into abrasive chop saws and cold cut chop saws, based on the type of blade they use. A quick look at how the harbor freight chop saw cuts pavers with their 14" diamond blade. The SawMaster SDT-1410 16" Portable 3HP Masonry Saw is a dry-cutting masonry chop saw designed for brick & block jobs. Features two tool-free systems: Quick-Change™ blade change system and Quick-Fence™ 45-degree adjustable fence reduces downtime with fast and accurate cuts. Available in large, mid, and mini tabletop models. If you are cutting bricks, blocks, concrete, stone, roof tiles or metalwork on-site then our range of portable cut-off saws are ideal; lightweight, safe and ergonomic. 5 Products. View Hire Details. Log-In. Some models are compatible with both abrasive and cold cut blades; however, abrasive chop saws tend to use bigger blades, usually with a diameter of 14 inches. Only 1 left. The key to understanding what this tool is for is to take into account that it works perfectly to perform cutting, polishing and roughing tasks.We can distinguish two types of masonry chop saws: small, also called mini masonry chop saws, which use disks of 115 mm or 125 mm, while their powers alternate between 500W and 1500W and large; and standard masonry chop saws, that usually use 230 mm discs and can reach 2600W.We said previously that depending on the type of activity to be carried out we should choose one disc, or another. The main difference between the two tools is the higher torque of the chop saws, which are still designed for industrial or heavy-duty domestic applications. It comes with a multipurpose blade that can cut metals, wood, and plastic. From £ 88.20 inc VAT each. Masonry Tec Products JackVac 360 Dust Free Masonry Chop Saw Category: Masonry Tools & Equipment. Weight: 4.3kg; Dimensions (l x w x h): 450mm x 75mm x 240mm; No Load Speed: 5100 rpm; Cutting Depth: 120mm; Cutting Width: 6.5mm; Noise Level: 108 db @ 1m General Description: The IQ 360, is engineered as a 14” dry saw. If you want to cut more than metal, but still need a chop saw capable to … FREE Shipping on eligible orders. $3,250.00 . https://www.simasa.co.uk/blog/masonry-saws/masonry-chop-saw The Ironton® 14in. 10-in Concrete/Masonry-Cutting Chop Saw Cut-Off Wheel High quality resin bonds that are 100% inspected before use for product consistency and quality Enhanced formulations provide longer life and optimal performance … The Clipper JUMBO 900 is the market’s references for large masonry block saws. 158935 MK-5009G 20" Gas Series Block Saw. Here are a few things you should look after: Affiliate disclosure (FTC): As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Find miter saws at Lowe's today. The iQ360 XR Dust Control Table Saw SEE WHAT DUST CONTROL LOOKS LIKE . $149.99. round or 3 1/2in. 1,5Kw 230/400V 50Hz HALCON 65, Fixing Brackets Set for SIMA Bridge Saws 5 cm height, Water Pump for SIMA Block-Brick-Masonry Saws 110V, Set of 4 Finish Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 120-125, Transportation Wheels Set for Power Trowels Halcon 95-125, Support Guides+Fixing Brackets for SIMA Perlanato, Transport Carriage for Power Trowels Halcon Duplo, Set of 4 Finish Blades for Power Trowels Halcon 60-65, Diamond Blade Dry Cut Ceramics Slim-Premium 4,5"/115mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut -Asphalt- Premium 12"/ 300mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut-Concrete-Premium 12"/300mm, Diamond Blade Wet Cut Ceramics-Premium 12"/300mm, Polygonal stirrup device for BEND3R-36 & COMB3R 30-36, Diamond Blade Dry Cut-Granite Premium 9"/230mm, Basic Bending KIT DEL-32-36, Combi 25/32, Combi 30/36, Insulated Panels Saw 14"110V Elect. We are the leading company in light machinery for the construction industry in Spain and the third largest supplier in Europe. Abrasive Chop Saw has the power to easily cut through cast iron pipe, angle iron, threaded rod, conduit, square tubing and more. Compatible with a wide range of abrasive wheels, easy to handle, and equipped with onboard blade change wrench storage, this chop saw is a great alternative for professionals on a lower budget. Coming with a 14-inch abrasive blade designed for metal cutting, it can deal with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The iQ360 saves an average of 1.5 man hours per day in cleanup costs alone. It is designed for metal cutting and comes with a 12-inch cold-cut blade. Click & Collect. To carry out more subtle work, mainly for smaller surfaces or when you need to make finer cuts, the ideal is a mini masonry chop saw, especially if you are not an expert in the use of this kind of tool.The most important with respect to the use of masonry chop saws is the safety at the time of use, always using the appropriate elements, such as safety glasses, gloves, mask and even earmuffs. The MX-5 Masonry Saw is built for mason contractors who want to cut an 8” block in a single pass or need a saw for production work. Shop miter saws and a variety of tools products online at Lowes.com. concrete cut-off saw ideal cm 12-y,concrete / masonry,hand held,blade dia 300mm, $499.00. Brick paver saws and block saws belong to the family of diamond cutting saws for cutting brick pavers and concrete block. .)? 2200W 355mm Chop Saw The D28715 14" Chop Saw w/ QUICK-CHANGE™ Keyless Blade Change System is powered by a 15 Amp motor for high performance without overheating. The masonry chop saw is an electric and manual tool and is made up of a high-power electric motor, which is connected by means of reduction gears (in the case of angle masonry chop saws) or directly to the motor shaft (in the case of straight masonry chop saws). or Buy It Now. This 110V Abrasive Cut Off Saw is designed for tough, professional workshop or onsite use. Trying to meet the needs of most consumers, manufacturers today propose a wide range of chop saw sizes; most of them are also capable of performing miter cuts. This blade might not be the best for tougher metals, but you can always replace it with a specific metal cutting blade from the manufacturer. 6-1/4" Mini Metal CUT OFF CHOP SAW Cuts Angle Iron, Pipe, Tubing, Steel Rod, and More Will also accept Abrasive Masonry Blades (not include) for Cutting, Brick, Concrete, Block, Stone, ETC. Log-In. And we must say that there is a wide variety of options, finding as alternatives the polishing discs and the most popular diamond discs, among others.Another important point when we talk about what a masonry chop saw is for, is the distinction between big and mini masonry saws in terms of its use. They tend to take larger blades and with the right blade, can cut most materials with ease. Masonry Saws is a power tool used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, block, stone, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. 2 full sheets of fiberglass deliver durability and safety. Buy great products from our Hand Saws & Blades Category online at Wickes.co.uk. Thanks to a shaft lock system, changing the blade is also super-easy. A masonry saw can make easy work of those sorts of tough materials. . Due to the large 14" blade and potent 3 HP carbon-brush motor, the unit can effectively cut blocks up to 5" thick in a single pass. Similar to the DEWALT but less expensive, the PORTER-CABLE PCE700 is a great chop saw for lighter-duty applications. Mini Clipper Block Paviour Saw… Masonry Saws. 2 full sheets of fiberglass deliver durability and safety. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MASONRY SAW AND A TILE SAW? Cash on collection. To start off our review, we have the Husqvarna 967181002. $1,495.00. What type of blade is used on a masonry saw? We manufacture several complete lines of machinery such as: Construction Material Saws, Rebar processing, Floor Saws and Power Floats, Consumables. This heavy-duty chop saw is perfect for a variety of applications, from metal to masonry cutting. £855.00. Sort. In fact, these are particularly chosen in the professional field, since getting more straight and clean cuts in more complex materials is one of the many quality results they provide. Personal protective equipment (PPE) for masonry and concrete saws varies depending on the job task, but may include hard hats, boots, safety glasses and face shields, hearing protection, gloves, and respiratory protection from hazardous dusts. Just know that it utilizes an abrasive blade that doesn’t produce very smooth results. A spark deflector and quick release material clamp will surely enhance your safety, and we also like its heavy steel base that adds stability during operation. The masonry blade is made of a … Close. 6510 MK-5005 5 hp Electric 20" Masonry Saw. milwaukee brick saw in working order similar to the arbortech allsaw. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. ... 6-1/4" Electric Mini Metal / Masonry CUT OFF CHOP SAW 3/4 hp 1 Blade Vise hobby. Brick cutting saws can normally cut with a … $85.99. FROM £103.25 per week. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices. masonry chop saw with fully integrated dust collection system that the maker says will capture 99.5% of dust created while cutting. Tested to capture 99.5 percent of the dust, the saw allows you to cut stone, brick, pavers and tile, virtually dust-free, even indoors. Its fume-free electric operation is perfect for indoor work. Pavers. The blade is attached to a frame that pivots to enable lowering of the blade. (36) 36 product ratings - Silverline 675119 TCT 700mm Masonry Brick Block Cutting Hand Saw Good Used Cond . Undoubtedly, this is one of the key tools for all work in marble, stone, ceramics, granite and quartz, and therefore, it has become an essential resource in any workshop. Is the saw blade in use suitable for the type of cut that is being made (metal vs wood vs masonry . WHAT KIND OF SAW CUTS CERAMIC, PORCELAIN OR GLASS TILE? In the first case, we must say that large masonry chop saws are usually used for more intensive work. £34.98 postage. An inexpensive abrasive chop saw ideal for home workshops and occasional use. For example, on large and hard surfaces, large masonry chop saws employing 230mm discs are often used. x1 in. How Long Does a Tile Saw Blade Last and When to Replace It? Log-In. Because the blade is fixed, an integrated dust extractor with a 3-stage … Bosch/Skil 2610355329 Guard For Chop Saws. Trust United Rentals with all your concrete and masonry work needs. The blade diameter is slightly smaller than Makita’s, a thing that makes it perfect for bolt trimming, slicing rebar, and other tradesman applications. $124.99 HOW LONG DOES A TILE SAW BLADE LAST AND WHEN TO REPLACE IT? SKU: JTH02100. $3,950.00 . Log-In. HP Masonry Cutting Abrasive Saw Blades Type 1 Print Featuring highly concentrated, high-performance aluminum oxide grain for quick cuts and long life, DEWALT Type 1 Metal Cutting Chop Saw Wheels are ideal for all ferrous metal, including steel, bar stock, tubing, and studs. From £ 81.48 inc VAT each. And a STIHL Cutquik ® cut-off machine can be an ideal companion on those jobs. (see labels for RPM ratings) Is the saw blade in use free of chips, loose or missing teeth, warps, burn … However, if your main task it to cut lot of metal, I would suggest you use a metal cutting chop saw for this purpose. VENUS 850mm, Road Saw 16" Honda Petrol 13Hp COBRA Trencher, Floor Planer-Scabbler Elect. Outputting decent performance considering its price, it surely is a great choice for those in search of a low-cost chop saw. The dust created by concrete and masonry saws can be a serious health hazard. Miter saws, on the other hand, are designed for woodworking. The SDT-1410 is a wet-cutting masonry chop saw designed for brick & block jobs. If you’re a construction worker or contractor who deals with heavy-duty cutting, you must first decide which type of chop saw is right for you. Norton Clipper CM501 500mm Masonry Saw 110v 165Kg. 12 new & refurbished from $7.20. Powered by a 6.5 HP, 15 Amp, 110V motor, this saw can cut 4in. Masonry saws use a diamond saw blade to cut stone, brick, cinder block, and concrete. This heavy-duty machine can cut all types of metals and withstands the most demanding applications. £19.01 postage. Cut up to 4 in. To make light work of cutting through concrete, stone and blocks, the HSS masonry cutting equipment range is ideal for the job. Tile Saws. 2000W Electric Cut Off Saws Machine Chop Saw Abrasive Cutting Blade 355mm Disc. The blade that comes with it is not the best for cutting stainless steel, but the tool is compatible with specific heavy-duty blades you can use for the purpose. SEE IT IN ACTION . $7,601.00 . Norton Clipper CM501 500mm Masonry Saw 110v 165Kg. Like our top picks, this chop saw can make 45° miter cuts and features a quick-lock vise designed to … It's 3 phase and we haven't used it in 2 years but it's a good machine and works fine. JTH02170. 415V 1,5Kw STAR 16, Stone/Block Saw 28"415V Elect. All saws in our Norton Clipper Blockbuster masonry line have a twist-resistant frame and effortless cutting-depth positioning to ensure every job goes smoothly. Stationary Masonry Saws Using a stationary masonry saw to cut bricks, concrete blocks, pavers, or other silica-containing materials can generate respirable crystalline silica dust. Designed and built with the contractor’s personal safety in mind, the IQ360 creates a safer and cleaner work environment, compared to conventional saws. The Super Masonry Saw is 110V and a transformer, generator or 110V site supply will be required for its use. Ending Jan 14 at 11:24AM PST 5d 12h. This versatile machine cuts a multitude of materials and is ideal for contractors and enthusiast DIYers. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies, Rebar Bender 32mm Elect. Whether you’re working in constructions or need a powerful chop saw for your home renovation, the Makita LC1230 surely knows how to deliver performance. Petrol Floor Saw 400mm. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices. We usually talk about tools of all kinds and even, we have provided recommendations on the practical use of them. However, the only thing the two have in common is that they are both circular saws that cut from top to bottom due to their drop-down style. Masonry Table Saw by GÖLZ - MS400 – Cutting length 28" (700 mm) Blade: 16" (400 mm) Cut Depth: 5 3/8″ (137 mm) + 2 Free 16" Diamond Blade Electric REQUIRED 20AP. Disc Cutter to saw through brick, stone, pavers, block, ceramics, even concrete with rebar, drywall and other masonry. 230V 0,69Kw CX16, Bridge/Slab Saw 14"110V Elect. Be it iron, tubing, light pipe, or conduit; this chop saw cuts through it with high precision and minimal deburring. When inhaled over time, the small particles of silica can irreversibly damage the lungs. Most tables saws are designed for wet cutting but can be used for dry cutting as well. Was: $109.98. This saw has a 14-inch diamond blade and a vacuum which captures dust by pulling it through a slot in the table. make offer - concrete cut-off saw ideal cm 12-y,concrete / masonry,hand held,blade dia 300mm, 5 bullard abrasives 76860 masonry asphalt saw cutting wheels 18" x 1/4" x 1" new. This robust and powerful high speed cut-off saw slices quickly and cleanly through ferrous metal bar and tube.... £143.99INC. I'm a not-very-strong-woman with a weak right hand and having made the pilot holes to get the blade in it was very easy to use. 350mm Masonry Bench Saw Hire Powerful electric saws for cutting bricks, blocks, large tiles and slabs Our masonry bench saws provide a powerful and effective cutting station on site that allows you to quickly and efficiently cut through large quantities of brick, block, large tiles and slabs.