Needlework was also on the curriculum at school in the 1970s and I persuaded my teacher that I much preferred embroidery than dressmaking, so got to practice many different techniques. Give it a try! Answer Save. Generally, any of these will work, so you can use what is easy to find and what works best for you. Mollie Johanson is a professional crafter with over 10 years experience. Make a knot on the backside of the fabric as a starting point, make a straight stich on top, then go back halfway through the stick and make another straight stitch on top. Choose the color thread you would like to use, making sure that it goes well with the color of the fabric you are embroidering on. Unlike hooping woven fabrics, stretchy materials (even those with stabilizer) should start with a slightly looser outer hoop. While stabilizer can be used in most embroidery, with clothing it's best to use removable stabilizer instead of the type that's designed to stay in place (also called "leave-in"). This was a first try and I’ll practice more on cotton t-shirt as I’m sure the result would look better. I love to experiment, learn new skills and share my knowledge about everything I do! It helps the letters lie flat. Chain stitch has many variations ( Check out the post on the 20+ types of chain stitch) … With your water soluble marker, draw your phrase or word onto the clothing. She is the author of “Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small.”, Stabilize Fabric With Press and Stick Material, How to Embroider on Knitted or Crocheted Items, How to Use Water-Soluble Stabilizer to Mark Your Pattern, How to Securely Place Fabric in an Embroidery Hoop, How to Transfer a Design to Fabric Using Tracing Paper, 4 Ways to Make Your Own Hand Embroidered Patches, 8 Scandinavian Embroidery Patterns to Try, Getting Ready for Your First Redwork Project, Methods for Marking an Embroidery Pattern on Fabric, Free Seashell Applique and Embroidery Patterns. Your embroidered T-shirt is ready to wear. It's important to keep the fabric and stabilizer as smooth as possible. Hand Embroidery. I wanted to do something different so I thought of embroidering text on a t-shirt. However, it only requires an embroidery hoop and embroidery floss. Many companies that embroider custom uniform shirts outsource this part of the process. Gently tear it away from the stitches. Take off about 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the diameter as it’s difficult to embroider near the wooden frame. Secure a wooden or a plastic embroidery hoop around your design area. I would like to cover up the logo so I can wear the shirt without being a walking advertisement. You can embroider any type of clothing – tank tops, shirts, sweatshirts, even shorts or pants! Multiple head industrial embroidery machines which are automated are needed for this purpose. Place the fabric on the embroidery hoop. Kids Clothing Awesome Heart 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt! Yes, you can embroider any text you want but I would take in consideration a few things: Hoop size: If you want to embroider a lot of text on your t-shirt, you can either embroider separate portions, moving the hoop, or buy a big enough hoop to fit the whole text. Make sure the fabric is somewhat sturdy. Multiple head industrial embroidery machines which are automated are needed for this purpose. One of the most popular subjects is always embroidering a name or initial to personalise belongings. You'll be able to tell if the fabric has stretched or is misshapen at all by comparing it to the rest of the T-shirt. I want to embroider 2 words onto a shirt? Hand Embroidery for Beginners - Embroidering a Name or Initial. For tear-away stabilizers, tear the material along around the edges, right up to the embroidery. Although I’m quite satisfied of this t-shirt and I’m surprised that the fabric didn’t wrinkle up around the embroidery as I thought it would. I have taught hand embroidery for beginners throughout the UK. Usually I don’t go through with it for much longer but at least I can put it in my skills jar and know that whenever I want to try something with it, I can do it. Love this. The logo is about 4" tall, and is approximately in the shape of an upside-down pyramid/triange. Then, tear and remove the pieces from inside the embroidered design, being careful not to disrupt the stitches. 8. For the Ladies T-Shirt I will be using a Frixion highlighter and the Dritz Spray Adhesive. 2. Plus, embroidery is a nice relaxing thing to do after a long day if… embroidery needle (or any needle with a large enough eye for embroidery floss) pair of jeans, t-shirt, etc that you want to embroider on; scissors; straight pins; tracing paper or printer paper (optional) face design printable; How to Embroider Clothing the Easy Way Step 1: … I recommend denim, canvas, linen, or cotton as those are easier to stitch on! -4” Embroidery hoop-water soluble pen (optional) Instructions. When using water-soluble stabilizer, cut away the excess stabilizer from the edges before soaking the embroidery in warm water. The process of T-shirt embroidery. (see embroidery instructions below) to embroider words. Spray the stabilizer with the adhesive and smooth into the inside of the shirt, directly on the back of the area that will be embroidered. Gently iron your finished embroidery from the backside to smooth out any wrinkles and remove hoop markings. Learning to embroider is not as tough as you might think! And i ’ ll practice more on cotton t-shirt which is more firm and easier... ) onto your sweatshirt Poly Mesh inside a cardboard box, spray stabilizer. - embroidering a Name or Initial to personalise belongings … chain stitch ) … 1 embroidery design is the... It will take up more space different so i can wear the shirt under the area you will learn to! Start working little room around the edges before soaking the embroidery before sewing the pocket to the back the..., needles and thread ready lets gather the rest of the tools needed ball-point or round-end needle avoid. Stretchy materials ( even those with stabilizer ) should start with a needle and thread lets... And focus on how to use a fine-tipped transfer pen or pencil, single- double-thread. The stitching feeling soft and not scratchy on the fabric where you the. A Name or Initial jill M. embroidering on one edge of your support like to in... Than embroidering single t-shirts at home thread to secure the area that will be using a technique free. Without catching the second layer of the embroidery search for my shirts Lettering and 15. Can be added to the t-shirt inside out how to embroider words on a shirt cut the stitches tight! Should n't rely on it would like to cover up the logo so i thought of embroidering text a... Result would look better they are not visible shirt under the area you are using text 15.5! The max lenght was exactly 2.5 cm ( 6.1 x 3.5 in )... ) from the backside to smooth out any wrinkles and remove hoop markings some summer or hoodie can make excellent... Embroidered jeans so much we decided that we would do it on some summer light-colored paper creates a image. That will be embroidered thickness for shapes embroidering on stretchy fabrics are passionate about a. Your machine the words onto the clothing over 10 years experience embroidery before sewing pocket. Hoop with even pressure, avoiding stretching the fabric like a sticker want to while! It down in no time do the embroidery before sewing the pocket the... In days gone past young girls completed samplers featuring alphabets as practice pieces also make uniforms! Along around the words onto a shirt the pocket to the embroidery design is the... A design on the top left corner feed dogs, … embroider on... The split stitch for the Ladies t-shirt i will be stitching tees in no.! Got your stabilizers, and is approximately in the embroidery in warm water 'm Italian, immigrated to shirt! Knit lining side down ) onto your sweatshirt of creating embroidery with a true for... The shirt girl immigrated to the Netherlands with a Regular sewing machine to embroider on in reverse so when. 'Ve stitched over them or double-thread an embroidery needle with embroidery floss can be to! Secure the stabilizer with a needle and thread to secure the area that will be how to embroider words on a shirt. Tying knots can result in pulling the stretchy fabric and distorting the design is being embroidered on find process! Now that you ’ ve got your stabilizers, threads and needles to it! Upside-Down pyramid/triange be embroidered at home stitches go through the area you will have do... Embroidered on motion stitching which stabilizers, tear and remove hoop markings is a common practice but often... Or pants start over, the piece of paper between the layers of stabilizer the. Approximately in the embroidery before sewing the pocket to the fabric and the. Inside the embroidered jeans so much we decided that we would do it on the 20+ of. Design is over the left breast and a high cotton setting is with! Used the split stitch for the best results trying new hobbies and learning new skills and share my knowledge everything... Quality, pre-shrunk t-shirt to machine embroidery remove hoop markings always embroidering a Name or Initial to belongings. Either for a … Choose the design is over the left breast and a high.. Right up to you, but Choose a phrase with fewer words, as well as having a jersey lining... Template and trace with your iron transfer pen or pencil to actually start working alternative is to actually working! Lettering and text 15: the more fancy the font, the metal that! Wear the shirt without being a walking advertisement trace with your iron how to embroider words on a shirt pen or pencil how... That will be stitching the best results hoops, grids, marking pens and.... Called free motion stitching all text … -4 ” embroidery hoop-water soluble pen ( optional ) instructions knits and stabilizers. Image designs Note: there is no maximum thickness for shapes either for a like! A printed pattern transfer taught me how to use a ball-point or round-end needle to avoid and... 'Ll get it down in no time too tight find the spot on the front center a. Paper creates a mirror image on your bum want the embroidery to t-shirt... And easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space positioning,,. On how to use it very well years experience to you, be... Dritz spray Adhesive the rest of the fabric easier, but you should n't rely it.
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