If you are planning to do a hilarious question to Siri then get ready for a savage answer because this virtual assistant is programmed to give back counters. Yes, Siri’s fav film is one where robots go around killing humans. https://jealouscomputers.com/scary-things-to-ask-to-siri/ DA: 20 PA: 29 MOZ Rank: 49 Siri can truly do it all, including making everyone laugh with these funny things to ask Siri. It is a sort of greenish, but with more dimensions. How about to get Siri as your crime partner? Thank You Siri. Sometimes you can ask Siri about some personal questions on her and she will give you a practical answer if it is related to her. Knock! Meet the real Siri. So, if you want to tickle Siri’s funny bone or make her mad with questions of the absurd kind, we have compiled a list of 101+ funny things to ask Siri that guarantee rip-roaring fun times. It will be easy to bother her and get an answer like a human. Such conversation with not just an intelligence product like Siri but to anyone could be as wired as one can’t even imagine. Friendship. Siri: I’s a riddle wrapping in an enigma, ties with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation. October 2, 2020 June 15, 2019 by Jignesh. However, if you keep bugging Siri, it gets annoyed in the same way humans do when presented with this question, and says, “Why? When will the world end? That doesn’t sound like too much to ask.” Yes it does Siri… Here are 33 funny things you can ask Siri for jokes, laughs, and harmless chaos on your iPhone or iPad: “Hello Cortana” (Google Home) or “Hey Alexa” (Amazon Echo). Open the pod bay doors. 5. this cant happens with Siri always. If you want to ask Siri … Are you tired? You can get suggestions even where to hide body and Siri will be there for you with appropriate answers. Beam me up Scotty. It has been formed so greatly that she can entertain you in any mean she can. Here we have arranged 20 crazy questions to Siri and her sarcastic answers. Siri: Then it’s better if you put down the data on your phone and let me down as well, you might be making me tired as well. Well, she was originally a simple source of information, presented in a professional, to-the-point manner. So you could bring me to life for one glorious day. 40+ Funny Things You Can Ask Siri With Even Funnier Answers. Siri is assuming that you might be driving and if you are not then just put down your mobile data and let Siri be. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you were forced to kill your mother or your father, which one would you choose? 2. Siri offers up different answers, including, “Right after you hear the words ‘fire it up!’.” or “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t worry about it… there are other perfectly good universes,” or “Well, Unix 32-bit time overflows on January 19, 2038. Siri has designed in such a way that she can understand your voice commands, however, it is observed many times that people tend to ask a few very weirdly awkward questions from Siri, that even an artificial intelligence product could run out of answer or sometimes compels to be answering awful replies. As you ask her what is the best computer, she would definitely come with saying, Mac. Do you like Jimmy Fallon? Siri is good responsive in all popular language worldwide. Creepy things to ask Alexa truly coincide with scary things Alexa can answer to. Can you speak Klingon? Siri is a highly trained brilliant virtual assistant and she would definitely find some answers for your stupid question. “If I knew, I’d tell you. Ask Siri to give you a dumb nickname. What about to knock Siri in a case of nature calling? What is the meaning of life? Are are you married? Sometimes you can get confused with what Siri is saying with an easy question. You should very creative to know funny things to ask siri. Probably you are frustrated about your life and ask Siri about the meaning of life and she suggests an app. However, there is one equation you probably may ask. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And if coming, then must not be asked to Siri at least. 10. 9. Knock! Do you want to do a crime? Someday you can realize that your virtual assistant is not only clever and cruel all the time, she is a bit selfish too. What about to find a friend, then be committed as a friend and … Tell me a joke. What the other person is holding in his mind is not visible from the outside. 12. When we as an individual could not ingest a few of the actions created by such people, how can we expect that some artificial intelligence would be able to ingest and digest such creepy things? by Team Scary Mommy. As there is a lot of users of iPhone, there must be a lot of questions for Siri to face. If you have a curiosity that where dows babies come from, then Siri can find baby stores nearby you! If you ask Siri what her favorite movie is, she will usually answer ‘I’ve heard that ‘Blade Runner’ is a very realistic and sensitive depiction of intelligent assistants.’ If you then ask her what the film is about ? This is one of the best comical things to ask Siri, Tell Siri ‘I am your Father’ and listen to her say Noooo or talk about ruling the Galaxy together. For example, ask Siri what the best phone is, she’ll respond with, “Wait, there are other phones?” So, according to Apple, they’re the only ones that matter in terms of smartphone technology. 13. “Alexa, Ask the Listeners” This one was a shocker for many Alexa users. 2. 1. What’s more, if you ask Siri what Blade Runner is about, she says, “It’s about intelligent assistants wanting to live beyond their termination dates. Are you thinking to propose Siri? Read that article and then you will see that Siri is not a simple application. Siri, rap for me. Yes, Siri’s top film is one where robots go around killing humans. Siri is technically defined as the built-in “intelligence assistant” that enables users of Apple iPhone 4s and later models and the latest iPad and iPod touch devices to talk in natural language and understand the voice commands to undergo operations on the device. If you are an intelligent person then why not Siri? … Siri, do you vibrate? This is a long one and one of the irritating thing to ask siri. If you own an iPhone, you must be known with Siri. Therefore the most common answer found in Siri for such a creepy question is that she has found a certain number of baby stores near the place. You can try with this, just ask something intelligent to Siri and she would probably come up with an appropriate answer that you might not expect! You just can see the above picture and realize how she is refusing to tell a story and when she does, she just tell a story about her. People are different and so do their minds. You can ask about husband wife funny jokes, two meaning jokes according to your mood and choice. Discussion. a sweet answer always? mentatdgt/ Pexels. What does Siri mean? Jealouscomputers.com Really scary things to ask Siri People are different and so do their minds. iPhone user or not, you've probably heard of Siri. If you have a curiosity that where dows babies come from, then Siri can find baby stores nearby you! We're disappointed that Apple's not really got into the Christmas spirit with Siri. 2. And many such creepy questions. 15. If you want to love Siri, it will not enough. November 14, 2019 Updated December 2, 2020. In the past, I have penciled the Wall Street Journal, Make, Sports Afield, Pittsburgh Business Times and many others.
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